Tennis betting competition with prizes

Tennis betting competition with bet365

Try to be the best and win the main prize every month in the competition holding in cooperation between and bet365. Best 10 players will split the prize pool worth €500!

The competition runs throughout the tennis season and has monthly rounds. At the beginning of every calendar month you are credited with 1.000 points. Your goal is to make as many points as you can with placing virtual bets on tennis matches. The winner gets credit worth €150, runner-up gets €100 on his bet365 account, and eight other players also get their prizes.

Important: Only those players who have bet365 account can win one of the prizes!


1) In TennisExplorer's betting competition with bet365 the results of tennis matches are being predicted. Every round of the competition takes 1 calendar month, in special cases it can be shorter.

2) Every user of can compete with just 1 username. In case of breaking this rule he or she can be disqualified.

3) Every round is settled at the beginning of the next calendar month. The competitor with highest points total wins. If two or more competitors have equal points at the end of the competition's round, the number of winning picks is the decisive factor.

4) Best 10 players of every round win their prizes*. The prize pool is split as follows:

1st place: €150 credited to bet365 account
2nd place: €100 credited to bet365 account
3rd - 5th place: €50 credited to bet365 account
6th - 10th place: €20 credited to bet365 account

5) Only those TennisExplorer's users who have bet365 accounts and have made at least one deposit can compete. If you still don't have an account, you can register HERE. Standard bet365 terms and conditions apply.

6) Each competitor taking part must have at least one year-to-date deposit with bet365 made in the first half of the month shall they want to compete for prizes. They will then be allowed to compete in the next rounds of the competition as well.

If you made a deposit in January 2013, you ARE ELIGIBLE to compete for prizes in February and other months as well.
If you made your last deposit in December 2012, you ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to compete for prizes in February at the moment. However if you make a deposit on February 15th at the latest, you WILL BE ELIGIBLE to get a prize in case you will be placed 1st-10th in February.

7) Players who are placed in the Top 10 in current round don't have to email to claim their prizes. TennisExplorer will let bet365 know about their claims and the prizes will be credited to their accounts. Please be aware that prizes can take up to one month to appear in player account.

8) For a bet on a tennis match to be valid at least one point must be played.

9) In case of any discrepancy not described in these rules the final decision is on the organizer.