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25.03.2017 11:15    #2-1692Max10
good morning ! nice to meet you ! I'm new to today what are your predictionssmilesmile
15.03.2017 00:00    #2-1690Tvrdoglavi
03.03.2017 10:59    #2-1689nova8899
i believe tennis also got Asian handicap. anyone played with Asian handicap before?
03.03.2017 10:58    #2-1688nova8899
Holland Eredivisie
Heerenveen vs Go Ahead Eagles
Heerenven -1.25 @ 1.03 ASIAN HANDICAP (HK ODDS)

German Bundeliga 2
Bochum -0.25 @ 0.96 ASIAN HANDICAP (HK ODDS)
German Bundesliga 2
Kaisersluiten +0.5 @ 0.98
03.03.2017 10:58    #2-1687nova8899
hey guys, im doing value bet and tips.
is anyone here using ASIAN handicap for betting?
01.03.2017 05:52    #2-1686sunilkumar
any one won the competition. and getting money in bet365. This is real or not
20.03.2017 15:11    #2-1691XXPABLOZZ
Real. 1000 %
01.03.2017 05:51    #2-1685sunilkumar
25.02.2017 06:05    #2-1684Danik
hi guys
15.02.2017 13:38    #2-1682pepelotas16
Como puedo hacerme tipster ?
How can I get tipster ?
07.02.2017 23:15    #2-1680Lickmyass
What a performance by Medvedev. Absolutely deserved victory. What a winners and powerful shots! smilesmile
19.01.2017 19:50    #2-1674Archer
Hey, Admin! In Antalya 2 ITF 1st round, won Vasylyeva , not Morderger.
20.01.2017 10:34    #2-1675Admin
Hi, thank you for your notice, it will be corrected ASAP.
04.01.2017 11:01    #2-1673Marc
The best tennis academy in Dubai is named as Ferrer Timotic Tennis academy:
02.12.2016 18:15    #2-1671Archer
Can anyone explain me one thing. How can it be, that tennis player playing at the same time on two tournaments, when the distance between cities over 1800 km ? Wongteanchai Varunya (THA) yesterday and today played double matches on Hua Hin 7 ITF (Hua Hin, Thailand) and on AO WC Playoff - Asia-Pacific 2016 (Zhuhai, China). How is it possible ???smile
22.11.2016 00:06    #2-1670assassino13
min-cepede ???
20.11.2016 17:31    #2-1669Linkin
admin add Columbus 2 and WTA Honolulu tournament. Tnks.
13.11.2016 22:28    #2-1668Archer
Shenzhen ITF ???
08.11.2016 22:22    #2-1667Archer
Tokyo ITF. Match Fujiwara / Naito Y. - Abduraimo / Lykina K. is not started yet, and admin alredy knows its result. It's fantastic !!!
08.10.2016 16:19    #2-1666abrahamdrumz
Pls can someone teach me hw to play unders and overs and also asian handicap on tennis betting thanks I'll reply aprecaite it if anyone can help out.
04.10.2016 21:24    #2-1665mishke
nn n n
21.09.2016 22:52    #2-1663Tipster_Paddy

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