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08.10.2016 16:19    #2-1666abrahamdrumz
Pls can someone teach me hw to play unders and overs and also asian handicap on tennis betting thanks I'll reply aprecaite it if anyone can help out.
04.10.2016 21:24    #2-1665mishke
nn n n
21.09.2016 22:52    #2-1663Tipster_Paddy
14.09.2016 00:46    #2-1662PeLop
Does anybody know, if and where is possible to bet on future wta ranking position of any speciffic player? For example, I belive that Ana Ivanovic will be number 1. in 1 year. Can I bet somewhere on it??? thanks PeLop
04.10.2016 18:40    #2-1664DjokerNoleru
Joking yeah? I think Ana Ivanovich will soon retire
11.09.2016 21:57    #2-1661Archer
Can we see Zhuhai,Santa Margherita Di Pula,Petange ITF tournaments ?
05.09.2016 12:18
Can I post my picks for tennis? I have a very good results smile
31.08.2016 12:09    #2-1658nonchalant
Is the competition monthly or is this 150euro competition only for USO?
30.08.2016 20:23    #2-1657paletniho
Lol, watching someone Dolgopolov with Ferrer... Tennis from dolgopolov from result *5:4 is unbeliaveabel on your eyes dolg look like seller of matches :D smile
01.09.2016 00:01    #2-1659Archer
Of course hi is. Didn't you know ?
29.08.2016 20:29    #2-1655cury25
Hy, Can someone help me?:D It is my first time on this site , and i just wanna know, what means for example 7/9 for a player on a specific playground -- 7 victorys and 9 loses?
30.08.2016 11:22    #2-1656Admin
Hi, exactly - 7/9 means 7 victories and 9 losses.
25.08.2016 09:36    #2-1654Archer
Hey, Admin! In Wanfercee-Baulet ITF, round of 16 won Margaux Bovy , not Dana Kremer.
21.08.2016 04:38    #2-1652myerrs28
09.08.2016 03:13    #2-1651kele13
can i ask something?
09.08.2016 03:12    #2-1650kele13
08.08.2016 16:12    #2-1648Mihaelapet
Can i change name of my bet365 account, because my old account is deleted and i cannot make another one with that username.
06.08.2016 21:52    #2-1647DainelID
Guys, where are you watching matches? I know one good place to do it =)
01.08.2016 16:14    #2-1646milan87-tips
I win prizesmile
08.08.2016 23:20    #2-1649leepeng
Good for you. smileI have won prize too. smile
22.07.2016 06:46    #2-1645Archer
Hey, Admins! In Darmstadt ITF, round of 16 won Anna Zaja , not Barbora Stefkova.
11.07.2016 11:56    #2-1643daveedave
I recently film this great match
29.06.2016 19:49    #2-1641RoCoast07
wimbledon raining .ahh sooo annoying
20.06.2016 19:43    #2-1637RoCoast07
Hello Admins!
Do you have a private facebook group?
21.06.2016 19:02    #2-1638Admin
Hi, has a Facebook page here:

No private Facebook group :)
22.06.2016 16:56    #2-1639RoCoast07
I would like to make a group if you want. We could be together and helps for each other doesn't even matter this is competition :D

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