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28.03.2018 21:11    #2-1804jaceknowicki33
admin, why my account is 0.0 at 21:00 on 28th March?
27.03.2018 22:02    #2-1803pjole
Is there an API, Web Service or XML that I could pull from this site in order to integrate data into my application?
25.03.2018 13:47    #2-1802bet-tennisland
Hello, I am a professional bettor I share my snap you want to follow the free bet-tennislandsmile
28.02.2018 14:27    #2-1796SD_EBA
Is there an admin online someday?
08.03.2018 10:40    #2-1798Admin
Hi, as we have been informed, you have yet to make your first deposit. Until then you can't be credited with your prize.
23.02.2018 08:00    #2-1795SD_EBA
Anyone received prizes for January?
21.03.2018 08:35    #2-1799nuning
21.03.2018 08:36    #2-1800nuning
16.02.2018 13:27    #2-1794SD_EBA
Hi - where is the prizes for january?
12.02.2018 04:23    #2-1790gise1256
Why did you change sponsor? From bet365 to bwin, that bookie doesn't only players from most countries
13.02.2018 03:25    #2-1793paja1983
03.02.2018 22:32    #2-1782padapo
Anyone received prizes for January?
05.02.2018 11:56    #2-1784Admin
Hi, it takes 5-7 business days to credit all prizes. Please be patient.
05.02.2018 13:27    #2-1785Szabcsi150
I understand. But for the 2 games this could not be accepted in January. The Cornet - Kasatkina was the last to be and it was played on the 31st.
05.02.2018 13:56    #2-1788Admin
The starting times of those 2 matches has changed eventually but originally their date had been set to January 31st. Anyone who placed a bet at that time has a valid pick in their January record.
05.02.2018 19:27    #2-1789padapo
12.02.2018 07:33    #2-1791afrikailajos
till, no
12.02.2018 12:50    #2-1792afrikailajos
02.02.2018 13:12    #2-1779Szabcsi150
ADMIN here the site?
03.02.2018 09:32    #2-1780afrikailajos
Ok, try to request the admin on the Czech website ttp://, that is main web of this project.
03.02.2018 11:18    #2-1781Szabcsi150
They do not answer
01.02.2018 22:13    #2-1778Szabcsi150

Brycem has 2 tips today for January, so I became
the 10th. smile
05.02.2018 11:54    #2-1783Admin
Hi, all bets placed in January remain valid regardless the starting time of any of these matches.
05.02.2018 13:53    #2-1786Szabcsi150
I understand. But for the 2 games this could not be accepted in January. The Cornet - Kasatkina was the last to be and it was played on the 31st.
01.02.2018 22:03    #2-1777Szabcsi150
29.01.2018 22:36    #2-1776Chema
Zna li neko kako ovo ide
29.01.2018 22:36    #2-1775Chema
How to bet
20.01.2018 17:19    #2-1774Archer
03.01.2018 01:06    #2-1773paja1983
03.01.2018 00:44    #2-1772alexis888
Hi smile
26.11.2017 13:28    #2-1770kligerz
20.11.2017 14:44    #2-1769Benoit_Paire
20.11.2017 14:44    #2-1768Benoit_Paire
20.11.2017 14:43    #2-1767Benoit_Paire

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