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07.08.2017 14:46    #2-1748nuvola1979
Qualcuno capisce l italiano?
07.08.2017 14:45    #2-1747nuvola1979
Ciao a tutti
22.07.2017 13:37    #2-1746Danstennis9
Dear Admin, how do i see the tennis forumsmile
10.07.2017 11:44    #2-1742Archer
Dear Admin, could you show us the Hua Hin ITF please smile?
10.07.2017 13:23    #2-1743Admin
Sorry, it's on now! smile
11.07.2017 16:56    #2-1744Archer
Ok. Besides, in Telavi 2 ITF, Qualification - round of 16, won Chalaganidze Tamari, not Furak Csenge.
09.07.2017 20:02    #2-1741Verona777
15.06.2017 00:48    #2-1739lekemaus
This forum is so dead, im really disappointed. is there someone here to make the forum alive with me ?
08.06.2017 12:58    #2-1735d-nied
still waiting for February prize!!!
can you imagine this tennis fans??
Is there any admins here? smile
09.06.2017 13:40    #2-1736Admin
Hi, I have replied to your email few days ago. The problem is that you hadn't let us know about the change of your bet365 username before we have sent the list of winners. We did let bet365 know about your new username this week so you will receive your prize this month.
10.06.2017 08:23    #2-1737d-nied
thank you for you answer. I will let you know when they give me the price. smile
14.06.2017 18:44    #2-1738d-nied
I should say - good work admin.
They did it today. Cheers smile
16.06.2017 09:57    #2-1740Admin
I'm glad to hear that everything is OK now smile
05.06.2017 08:45    #2-1734Archer
What happened to this site, it was the best one about tennis, and now ... f#cksmile
05.06.2017 08:33    #2-1733AbricoZZ
Why no matches?
01.06.2017 15:37    #2-1732lekemaus
Hi, why do you consider VOID bet as lost in competition. it should be also void there
31.05.2017 22:33    #2-1731hardon
22.05.2017 23:17    #2-1727Archer
Where is Santarem ITF?smile
23.05.2017 05:33    #2-1729lekemaus
22.05.2017 20:33    #2-1725alexis888
Haase Zverev obvious sold match. It should be investigated.
22.05.2017 23:15    #2-1726Archer
As you wish.
23.05.2017 05:30    #2-1728lekemaus
I did not bet on it, but it was very suspiscious
20.05.2017 07:18    #2-1723Archer
By the way,Naples ITF is not in Italy, it's USA,
19.05.2017 13:05    #2-1722Songoku
I got the prize for april today.
20.05.2017 21:26    #2-1724d-nied
cheers smile
Im still waiting for February prizes
16.05.2017 19:05    #2-1720d-nied
I would like to ask about my prize for February?
Please contact me, I played this game for a long time ago and when for first time I finished in top 10 on 2nd place you do not give me my prize.
I already send you email, but no result.
please contact me
16.05.2017 15:01    #2-1719Songoku

when will the prizes for april competition credited?
24.04.2017 20:08    #2-1717Linkin
Admun add itf Hua Hin. Tnks.
16.04.2017 00:29    #2-1705Archer
Admin, tournament in Zhengzhou is not ITF event. It's WTA tournament/TIER: 125K. Check out WTA site.
13.04.2017 19:44    #2-1703dondiggydon

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