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07.11.2018 13:59    #2-1878PPS
Сегодня 7 ноября,призовые пришли за октябрь
08.10.2018 12:43    #2-1877d-nied
Dear players, I want to share my prediction with all of you:

smile HONK KONG WTA Tournament
smile Tournament winner: Wang Qiang
ODD (1xbet): 10.50

PP: Admin if you have a good willing put this one in Picks.
08.10.2018 09:55    #2-1876PPS
Привет! Почему в натройках ID 1XBET стоит 7-8 цифр? У меня к примеру 6 цифр
03.10.2018 15:59    #2-1875d-nied
Hello tennisexplrer team,

I just want to give you credits about your perfect game.I already receive the price for. previous month!! good synchronization with 1Xbet!!

25.09.2018 13:58    #2-1874iMartinez
Руссо Туристо.smile
09.09.2018 21:50    #2-1867Mgrmpr
I received my 100euro prize of august month...thank u tennis explorer and 1xBET ...
09.09.2018 12:51    #2-1865Templare77
hi, why are not the matches updated? smile
09.09.2018 14:06    #2-1866Admin
Hi, sorry for that - we've been experiencing some technical difficulties since yesterday. I'm sorry for the inconvenience however the data is live again.
09.09.2018 12:19    #2-1864rafgallo
Admin, why the statistics aren't aviable anymore?smile
01.09.2018 21:24    #2-1860Mgrmpr
When will August month prize amount will credit in 1xbet account ? Plz reply
03.09.2018 20:18    #2-1861bergamo
I recive july prize . . . for august u can expect at the end of september
06.09.2018 17:23    #2-1862Rammurthy1
When u got july month prize ? How much u got ..?
08.09.2018 14:20    #2-1863bergamo
At end of the august
I recived 20euro
29.08.2018 21:32    #2-1858PIPOBOYS
Mcdonald M / Nishioka Y - Basic M / Dzumhur D ????????????????????????????
29.08.2018 13:44    #2-1857bergamo
No prizes for july yet . . .

Wtf ???
01.09.2018 21:23    #2-1859Mgrmpr
U got prize amount ?
22.08.2018 00:37    #2-1854nerocd
Hello admin, How to place a bet here???
24.08.2018 18:43    #2-1855magichulk2
Yep i would like to know that toosmile
25.08.2018 00:36    #2-1856paja1983
It is easy if you are interested the competition here. Open window called "Choose you match" to compete. How to place your bet is described below in that window. Also read conditions and terms in the window "Introduction". Log-in to your account here,click on "Competition" → click on "Choose your match" to open the list of matches → click on odds under prefered match and place your stake.
21.08.2018 18:52    #2-1853bergamo
16.08.2018 10:36    #2-1852Archer
Dear admin,let me point you to an error in your database.You position Wang Xinyu & Wang Xin Yu as two different players (girls).But it's actually the same
15.08.2018 18:27    #2-1851bergamo
any admin online here?
I send pm to Admin 10 days ago but no answer . . . smile
15.08.2018 14:02    #2-1850Kingthabu
If there is any current picks am interested, thanks administration for ur good work
15.08.2018 14:02    #2-1849Kingthabu
If there is any current picks am interested, thanks administration for ur good work
15.08.2018 14:00    #2-1848Kingthabu
Good day from nigeria, please can any one explain to me what unit is all about, am new to this site, but I ve been following prefiction, and it is amazing. Again I don't see new posted picks thanks. Reply to me pls
09.08.2018 13:43    #2-1847donik83
20.07.2018 23:27    #2-1834dapapo
Why prizes for June are not credited?
21.07.2018 03:04    #2-1835Admin
Hi, 1xBet already have the list of winners with your ID on it so you should have your prize credited soon. Thank you for your patience.

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