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17.01.2019 11:24    #2-1889johnstark
Did you know Doctor Ivo Karlovic Breaks Record at Australian Open 2019?
Read here -
27.12.2018 05:15    #2-1888Veruny
smile Thiem - Khachanov)))
13.12.2018 18:57    #2-1887tsk77
speak french?
13.12.2018 18:57    #2-1886tsk77
13.12.2018 17:19    #2-1885Mgrmpr
I received the prize ..but 1xbet blocked my account... It shows maximum STAKES is zero...what the fuck...
13.12.2018 06:57    #2-1884dapapo
I received the prize but I can't make a bet!
10.12.2018 08:35    #2-1882DAVIDJ
WHAT about december prize. plz i am new here
10.12.2018 09:13    #2-1883Mgrmpr
No MAIN TOURNMENT matches running in December month... SO , no competition NO PRIZE'S
10.12.2018 03:31    #2-1881Mgrmpr
Admin...when we will get November month prize money...please reply and tell ..
02.12.2018 08:00    #2-1879Rammurthy1
When November's prize money will be credited into our 1xbet account ? I won 50€..admin please credit it as soon as possible
06.12.2018 19:15    #2-1880Mgrmpr
U will get soon within 15th of December... Just wait...even I got 1st place...
07.11.2018 13:59    #2-1878PPS
Сегодня 7 ноября,призовые пришли за октябрь
08.10.2018 12:43    #2-1877d-nied
Dear players, I want to share my prediction with all of you:

smile HONK KONG WTA Tournament
smile Tournament winner: Wang Qiang
ODD (1xbet): 10.50

PP: Admin if you have a good willing put this one in Picks.
08.10.2018 09:55    #2-1876PPS
Привет! Почему в натройках ID 1XBET стоит 7-8 цифр? У меня к примеру 6 цифр
03.10.2018 15:59    #2-1875d-nied
Hello tennisexplrer team,

I just want to give you credits about your perfect game.I already receive the price for. previous month!! good synchronization with 1Xbet!!

25.09.2018 13:58    #2-1874iMartinez
Руссо Туристо.smile
09.09.2018 21:50    #2-1867Mgrmpr
I received my 100euro prize of august month...thank u tennis explorer and 1xBET ...
09.09.2018 12:51    #2-1865Templare77
hi, why are not the matches updated? smile
09.09.2018 14:06    #2-1866Admin
Hi, sorry for that - we've been experiencing some technical difficulties since yesterday. I'm sorry for the inconvenience however the data is live again.
09.09.2018 12:19    #2-1864rafgallo
Admin, why the statistics aren't aviable anymore?smile
01.09.2018 21:24    #2-1860Mgrmpr
When will August month prize amount will credit in 1xbet account ? Plz reply
03.09.2018 20:18    #2-1861bergamo
I recive july prize . . . for august u can expect at the end of september
06.09.2018 17:23    #2-1862Rammurthy1
When u got july month prize ? How much u got ..?
08.09.2018 14:20    #2-1863bergamo
At end of the august
I recived 20euro
29.08.2018 21:32    #2-1858PIPOBOYS
Mcdonald M / Nishioka Y - Basic M / Dzumhur D ????????????????????????????
29.08.2018 13:44    #2-1857bergamo
No prizes for july yet . . .

Wtf ???
01.09.2018 21:23    #2-1859Mgrmpr
U got prize amount ?

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